Welcome to English at BC.

Ma whero ma pango ka oti ai te mahi



In the BC English department, we follow tikanga and respect te ao Māori; we honour Māori as tangata whenua of Aotearoa. We also follow the kawa and protocols of the school. Therefore, we have high expectations for our learners and pride ourselves on creating ethical resources in spaces where everybody is somebody. We encourage each individual to be their authentic self. We magnify learners’ strengths, and support them when work is challenging. Everyone has a skillset to bring to the classroom so we affirm each other and value kindness and support. The English department does this to ensure all learners have equitable outcomes and access to high quality English education within culturally sustainable class settings.

What do you study during English lessons?

In English classes you learn how to understand and unpack texts. Texts can be novels, films, music clips, lyrics, speeches, advertisements, youtube clips, articles and so much more! Basically any text that creates meaning/has purpose, we can study in English classes. English as a subject is not a language or ESOL class - that means we do not teach you how to speak the English language - instead we focus on analysing literature, genre and features of different text types. See TKI for more here.

Why study English?

When you read and view texts you get transported to other places and can see things from different perspectives. This can be so exciting and help you understand who you are as a young person. We can learn a lot from the texts we study and create in English. This helps us empathise with others, understand history (and what the future might hold) and become better versions of ourselves. We also learn how to communicate effectively. This means we are more able to express ourselves and be understood - and therefore we are more likely to appreciate - and be appreciated by - others. We learn how to better be global citizens in the fast paced world we live within.

Who teaches English and what do BC learners study each term?

The English department at BC consists of talented and skilled educators - to learn more about them go here. They love their subject area and work hard to make sure all of their learners feel heard, seen and understood in lessons. They will help you explore the function and mechanics of language and literature. Our courses are designed with students in mind - that means you are at the centre of all that we do. All of our courses (no matter the year) follow the structure outlined below. However, obviously assessments and criteria differ as you progress through the different levels.

  • During term 1, we focus on reading. All students will be reading various texts during this term and building a foundation of knowledge that they can use into terms 2-4.

  • During term 2, we focus on viewing. We unpack visual texts and closely view scenes/images - we work to understand how meaning is conveyed by directors and visual text creators.

  • During term 3, we focus on writing. We build confidence and fine tune our writing skills. During your years at BC you cover many different writing styles ranging from poetry to short stories and from emails to essays.

  • During term 4, we prep for examinations. Each year level will be entered for different exams/standards. Term 4 will focus on revision and prep for these assessments.

Although each term has a main focus, there may be cross over and you may, for example, present or complete writing tasks during the reading term. However, assessments will be based on the focus for that term. For an in-depth look at each year level - see the website menu and navigate to the year/level you are at.

Our senior classes are assessed in accordance with NCEA. For more info, see the learn more button below.